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Business development course: From zero to hero

Get essential BDR skills to find two times as many qualified leads, craft compelling messages that do convert, bring enough deals to surpass KPIs, and drive your business growth.

Industry:Sales, Marketing
Level:Beginner, Middle
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For whom

This course is “a perfect match” for...

BDR/SDR newbies
You're new to business development and eager to launch a thriving BDR career. You need to get unique BDR skillset to land your dream job.
Seasoned BDRs
You already know the ins and outs, and have some experience working as a BDR, but you feel stuck trying hit KPIs.
Sales or marketing specialists
You just want to boost your lead generation skills to advance your career, exceed sales quotas, and get higher-paying positions.

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Lead generation
Inbound outreach
Customer research
Customer data analytics
Strategic thinking
Appointment setting
Outbound outreach

Beyond the basics: Your modern BDR toolkit

This intensive course isn't just about the fundamentals of becoming a BDR. It’s about building an essential skillset based on data-driven expert insights. Learn what it takes to be a strategist, researcher, relationship-builder, and the ultimate driver of business growth. (Yes, you read that right!)


You’ll discover:

  • How to identify your ideal customer profile (ICP)
  • Who to target for maximum revenue
  • Where to find your perfect leads
  • How to craft compelling cold emails and phone scripts that evoke responses
  • What are some essential BDR tools for enhanced productivity

... and beyond.


We'll show you exactly what works (and what absolutely doesn't) to avoid rookie mistakes and skyrocket your BDR performance.


And the best thing—we're ditching generic advice you can find in most sources and packing this course with proven tips and real-world examples from Belkins’ internal BDRs (something you can’t find with a simple search).

Course content

BDR mastery roadmap

Things you'll learn in each module:

L01IntroFree previewL02BDR role (who is a BDR)Free preview
L03BDR Glossary (key terminologies and definitions for BDRs)

Become Belkins certified

Here’s a quick guide on how to get your certification:


  • Dive deep into each module
  • Master the essential skills required to excel as a BDR
  • Get certification verifying your proficiency sent directly to your email


Position yourself for growth opportunities within the BDR field and beyond.


Meet your experts

Joshua Pratt
Speaker and Course Creator | Outreach Expert
Kseniia Drachuk
Course Contributor | Senior BDR
Anastasia Solovey
Course Contributor | Senior SDR

Let’s clear things up!

Are there any requirements to participate in this course?

No prior experience is required! This course is designed to be accessible for everyone, regardless of background. However, as with any educational program, the more effort you put in, the more you'll get out.

What is your refund policy? Can I change courses?

We currently do not offer refunds once you've accessed course modules. Also, we cannot transfer you to a different course after you've enrolled. We recommend carefully reviewing the course description and contacting our support team with any questions before enrolling.

How long will I have access to the course materials?

Once you purchase the course, you'll have unlimited lifetime access to all of the materials. You can access them anytime, anywhere, through your BLKNS Academy account with just a few clicks.

Where can I find the course materials?

Upon successful payment, you'll receive immediate access to the course with all modules unlocked. You can access them easily through your BLKNS Academy account at any time and from any device.

I’m new to BLKNS. Can I join this course if I am not a BLKNS customer?

We’re glad you’re here! Yes, if you are not a BLKNS member, you can pay for this specific course by completing the enrolment form. However, you need to register an account to access the course and other courses in the future within your dashboard (It just takes a few clicks).

Will I benefit from this course if I’m not a BDR?

Yes, this course goes beyond BDR fundamentals. Since we cover such essential topics as researching ICPs, finding and targeting qualified leads, copywriting essentials, metrics analysis, personalization, A/B testing, and beyond, every person from marketing or sales teams can find practical insights to reach KPIs more effectively.